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Brett Schreiber
7 Carlton Street
Queensland, 4817
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Mark Lythgo – Automotive Obsessions


"Let me explain, earlier this year our business was at a critical point. It was stagnant, everything was too difficult, money was not coming in as it should, and we were having issues with paying accounts on time. We had built the business up from nothing but seemed to be swaying in the breeze not going anywhere.

We had been recommended to talk to Brett Schreiber our coach and accountant. From the first meeting and discussions changes were made and we felt we were back on track.


One of the greatest benefits to me has been the weekly opportunity to have an intelligent conversation about all facets of my business in completed confidence. Intially I found the dicipline of the weekly meetings quite irritating and in earlier times they just seemed too frequent. I now know that this regularity is essential, despite the fact that often I felt that in a blink, the next meeting had come around again. During the earlier months, I seriously questioned Brett on the value and worth of him to me in my business, I really am most grateful now for the wise and patient ways he handled my objections and helped me to become more focused on the things that really matter.

The combination of:

1. Our commitment to work as hard on our business as we do in it

2. Your business coaching and guidance AND

3. The proven systems and resources have produced outstanding results.

We now:

1. Generate leads easily from multiple sources

2. Know exactly what our conversation rate is for all leads.

3. Improved out turnover by 45%

4. Improved productivity by 36%

5. Improved systems and processes of the business

6. Have more time to work on the business rather than in it due to improved internal business operating systems

7. Having more fun in the business and making more profit.


Brett you have a real skill as a business coach and accountant in:

1. Communicate clearly in a way we understand

2. Have the confidence to push us hard when needed

3. Understand the challenges and provide ways to work around them

4. Genuinely care about our success and our business

5. Provide us with resources best suited to our specific needs.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and continuing our path to become true business owners.

Mark Lythgo – Automotive Obsessions"


Kris Grundy – Spilts is it

"Action Coach has given us a better insight how to manage our business in the present and future. It has given us the resources and tools to be better prepared for growth and how to go about it.  Given the knowledge we have gained we are confident moving forward and have clear direction.  If your in business, action coach is a must, whatever your goals."

Ben Kingsberry – Kingsberry Property


 Simon Griggs – Tribute Homes

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